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As is righty said –’Justice delayed is justice denied’ and denial of Justice continue to be the evil that awe the society ,the real reason behind this most often being the wrong choice of attorney .

In order to serve this purpose read suggestions on “how to choose your attorney”

Regardless of the type of legal problem that you face, the most important decision you make which will affect the outcome is which attorney & law firm you select to represent you. Many factors should be considered while making your choice. Education, training, experience are all substantial considerations of course, but equally important are firm reputation, resources, individual integrity and someone with whom you feel comfortable. After all, this lawyer and your law firm will be dealing with many sensitive, personal & confidential issues and your future or the future of your family might depend on the outcome of your matter.

Criminal Traffic Charges:

If you are involved in an accident causing injuries to the other party, you may be even charged of personal accident injury. If the victim of accident dies in the accident, it is termed as wrongful death and is a crime as per the laws of Florida. Sometimes it so happens that you are wrongly charged of these crimes. If you believe that you were not responsible for the condition caused, you can take an immediate action.

Some of the reasons for receiving criminal traffic charges are leaving the accident spot, driving without valid license, driving with expired or suspended licenses, violating the restrictions of license, careless driving, racing on roads, drunken driving etc. Not all traffic tickets indicate criminal charges. Consulting a Florida traffic ticket defense lawyer or attorney can help you in identifying the type of ticket you received.

There are number of lawyers and attorneys for Criminal traffic charge defense in various cities of Florida. The criminal traffic charge defense lawyers can help you in identifying the severity of the charges on you and help you take necessary steps to come out of it with minimum penalty.

Traffic crashes are not treated as simple accidents as per the law. Traffic crashes are likely to cause very serious damages to few of those involved in it. Crashes which cause personal injuries or wrongful death and hit and run cases are often imposed huge legal penalties. Those involved in traffic crash are required to show documents like driver’s license, registration papers and insurance papers.


Accident Claim:

If you are a victim of Car crash, Bicycle accident or motorcycle accidents you need to file a police report immediately. The police then investigate the vehicles involved in accidents, their condition and the condition of driving person like driving drunk, driving while talking on mobiles etc. They also check if the accident occurred due to the negligence or disobeying of traffic rules of Florida state law.

Take the necessary medical treatment and make sure you collect all the necessary medical documents required for making accident claim. You need to keep with you the diagnosis reports, documents to prove the injuries, urgency of treatments and complications if any, medical bills showing the correct date and time of accident and treatment.

To claim on car crashes and accident injury, you can contact a car crash attorney, Truck accident attorney or a motorcycle accident attorney depending on the vehicle involved in accident. The attorney or lawyer can help you in getting a claim. You can file a suit within four years of accident date. The law of Florida forbids filing the suit after this time period.


Car Crash, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice:


One can claim the compensation for certain economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages include: heavy medical bills paid for treatment post accident, some disability due to which the person can no more work at office and taking loss of pay leaves from work. Non-economic damages include the pain and sufferings one is undergoing due to the negligent act. Although personal injuries caused by others may not be intentional but can still be liable for compensation under the personal injury law called ‘tort law’.


To claim for the losses incurred by personal injury in Florida, one needs to file a case by contacting a personal injury attorney or an accident injury lawyer immediately. If you fail to do it within a legal time frame, you won’t be eligible for compensation.

Some of the personal injury claims include:

o Car accidents, truck accidents, dog bite injuries

o Injuries due to bad products like food or drugs

o Injuries caused by other’s property

o Fire injuries causes by vehicle fire, house fire, failure of smoke detectors or bad furniture etc.

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