Common Types of Misdemeanors

by admin on March 20, 2011

Common Types of Misdemeanors

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Home Page > Law > Health and Safety > Common Types of Misdemeanors

Common Types of Misdemeanors

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Posted: Mar 20, 2011 |Comments: 0

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Laws in the United States are divided into two main categories. The most severe of these categories is the felony. Lesser crimes are called misdemeanors. Generally speaking, misdemeanors are not considered to be true crimes but a type of civil or regulatory infraction. Most people consider only felonies to be true crimes. Definition
In the United States, misdemeanors are officially defined as infractions that are punishable by up to one year of incarceration, usually in a county or city jail. Felonies are punishable by over one year of incarceration in a state or federal penitentiary. The exact placement of infractions into misdemeanors and penalties is left up to the state, except in interstate crimes or federal offenses, most of which are felonies by definition. Those who are found guilty of a misdemeanor are called misdemeanants. The punishment for misdemeanors does not usually result in the loss of civil rights. However, misdemeanors can result in the loss of civil privileges, such as driving or holding an occupational license. Most misdemeanors are punished by a fine or community service work. Types
The following are some of the most common types of misdemeanors:
• Traffic violations – Traffic violations are the most common misdemeanors in every state. Only the most serious of traffic violations are considered felonies, such as repeat DUI and vehicular manslaughter. Some examples of misdemeanor traffic violations include failure to stop, driving with an expired registration or license, driving without insurance, and illegal parking.
• Petty theft – Minor incidents of theft are considered misdemeanors. The level between misdemeanor theft and felony theft is set by the state at a specific dollar value of the theft. Petty theft can include all types of theft, such as property theft, embezzlement, and shoplifting.
• Disorderly conduct – Disorderly conduct is a catch-all misdemeanor violation for disrupting the civil peace of the general population or a specific person. Police often use disorderly conduct to break up a potentially dangerous situation. Oftentimes, after a cooling-down period, the threat of danger dissolves. Some examples of behavior for which someone can be charged with disorderly conduct include making loud sounds, fighting, threatening others, and disrupting traffic.
• Trespassing – Trespassing is the refusal to leave private property on the demand of the owner. Trespassing can also occur when someone enters private property without permission. Disclaimer: This article is not meant to act as or take the place of a professional legal consultation.

About the Author:
Disclaimer: This article is not meant to act as or take the place of a professional legal consultation.
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