Crafting Your Online Reputation

by on September 18, 2012

Tennessee-based has been helping people restore damaged
online reputations since 2006 and offers quality, personal service unrivaled by
other national search engine reputation management firms.
Built out of Necessity
was established in answer to a need by Steven Wyer, a Nashville businessman who
found himself personally and professionally harmed by derogatory online content
that attacked his character. was founded as the means to
restore Wyer’s online reputation; it soon became apparent that countless others
had suffered personal and financial challenges due to similar circumstances.
Taking this experience to heart, the team at has worked
diligently assist hundreds of people who have wanted to take control of their
online visibility.
Steven Wyer
serves as the Managing Director for Wyer is also the
author of Violated Online and numerous
texts on the subject of Online Reputation Management (ORM). In addition to his
role at, Wyer is also active in his community and the
local Better Business Bureau and has served as a Court Appointed Special
Advocate in Nashville’s legal system.
Dynamic Strategies
ORM is a
complex and often misunderstood process that, if done incorrectly, can cause
more harm than good. utilizes a multi-level, integrated approach
that includes Development, Repair, Management, and Monitoring. does not offer just a quick fix. Instead, the firm
focuses on the big picture, partnering with clients on a long-term basis to
ensure their reputations remain intact.
The primary
concern of is to establish and maintain a positive
online presence for their clients. Since there is no “one size fits all”
solution to combat negative reviews, online slander, or other undesirable
postings, tailors each client’s resolution program to his
or her specific set of issues. utilizes a range of
different media sites, including social, press, and blogs in addition to
exclusive personalized websites to give their clients maximum exposure.
Each prospective
client of is thoroughly evaluated and tactical options are
explained from the beginning. Once a plan of action is formulated, begins crafting unique new content which will replace the
negative search results. This repair method requires time and a well
thought-out strategy to ensure that the search engines do not view the new
material as spam and omit it from search results altogether.
Rebuilding Brands
uses SEO techniques that are considered search engine friendly and can help
build, or rebuild, their client’s brand. All content provided by is reviewed by a client prior to posting, to ensure that
he or she is portrayed honestly and accurately. At, each
client is treated with respect and given the time and attention that they need
to achieve success in their objective. is able to
accomplish this because they limit their client intake to focus on quality.
enjoys an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau and prides itself on
making a difference in the lives, online and offline, of their most valuable
asset–their clients. For more information please visit

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