Defensive Driving Suggestions to Avoid Car Accidents

by admin on August 4, 2010

Over twenty-two million people are injured and fifty thousand die on America’s roadways every year. This carnage is preventable since the majority of motor vehicle accidents are avoidable if defensive driving techniques were practiced by everyone.

Some Rules of Defensive Driving

• Pay attention
• Do not speed
• Yield the right of way
• Do not be an impaired driver
• Use your car’s safety devices
• Do not trust the other drivers to do what is right

Do Not Get Too Comfortable

Most collisions occur a short distance from home because we are comfortable in these familiar surroundings and let our guards down. Serious and fatal injuries can occur at low speeds on neighborhood streets. Paying attention means making an effort not to eat, drink, smoke, text, fiddle with dashboard controls or read while driving. Driving a large, fast moving vehicle is the most dangerous activity many of us do every day and deserves our undivided attention.

Assume All Around you Are Guilty

If you assume everyone makes mistakes while driving, you should drive with wariness and anticipate the unexpected. Be extra cautious when approaching intersections, stop signs and traffic signals. Most car accidents happen when the other driver does something we were not expecting or we do something unexpected. Be alert to all possible scenarios and have a plan for dealing with them.

Some Rules To Consider

The most important things for defensive drivers to remember is to not become distracted while driving, drive at the posted speed limits, do not drive while impaired and use your car’s safety devices at all times. Remember that inattention and distraction are a driver’s worst enemies. When you are behind the wheel, driving should be your number one priority. If all drivers simply paid attention the number of car accidents would decrease dramatically.

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