Different Sections Of A Hip Replacement Device

by admin on August 1, 2011

Different Sections Of A Hip Replacement Device

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Home Page > Law > Health and Safety > Different Sections Of A Hip Replacement Device

Different Sections Of A Hip Replacement Device

Posted: Jul 28, 2011 |Comments: 0

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On the latest DePuy hip replacement recall update, the Food and Drug Administration asserted in their statement that:

    “As part of the post-market surveillance, DePuy is continually evaluating data from a variety of sources including national joint replacement registries, published literature, company sponsored clinical trials, internal complaints data and unpublished clinical research reports. As part of the post-market surveillance activities, the firm recently received and analyzed new data regarding the ASR platform which suggests a higher than expected revision rate for the ASR XL Monoblock Metal-on-Metal (MoM) System linked to usage of monoblock MoM cups with corresponding head sizes below 50mm in diameter. As a result of the findings, DePuy Orthopaedics issued a Field Safety Notice to share the new data with the surgeons and reiterate the importance of correct implant positioning and patient selection in achieving optimal implant performance and survivorship.”

A doctor can help you choose what is the best intervention for your condition and in case you opt for a hip arthroplasty, an adept doctor can guide you in selecting the best hip implant out there. The following are the components of a hip replacement prostheses considered by the presiding surgeon:


   In the procedure, a lining on the concave part of the hip socket is fitted and this part of the hip prostheses is called the acetabular cup. The acetabular cup is fitted in its right place with the use of cement or through friction application.


  For those with conditions that reached the femoral bone, a femoral component is also included. The femoral component is then held on its rightful place with cement such as acrylic bone cement or through non-cemented method such through friction, its shape and through a special type of coating that allows bone growth around the device.


 The part that is located in the middle of the femoral component and the acetabular cup is called the articular interface. A simple ball and socket joint comprises the articular surface. The interface size can vary with sizes such as 28 mm, 32 mm and 36 mm and this is measured by determining the diameter of either the femoral head or that of the acetabular socket.

It has also been stated in the report that research shows those who experienced premature complications due to the hip replacement device tend to have smaller hip cups. It is important to be that you are knowledgeable what hip replacement product is used and what component was advised to use for your operation. There are sites which are available that allows you to keep an update about the DePuy hip replacement recall and also some links where you can find someone knowledgeable about the process of filing a DePuy hip replacement lawsuit if you feel that you have sufficient information and circumstances to raise your case.

About the Author:
Experiencing the complications of a defective hip implant is no laughing matter. You have the right to gain just compensation for the problems endured from faulty DePuy hip implants and you can actually raise a DePuy hip replacement Recall. An efficient and experienced lawyer can help you sort through your options. If you want to learn more about filing a DePuy hip replacement lawsuit and be updated about the DePuy hip recall, there are related sites available that one can look into.
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