Drug Abuse – The Most Common Drugs

by admin on January 19, 2011

Drug Abuse – The Most Common Drugs

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Home Page > Law > Health and Safety > Drug Abuse – The Most Common Drugs

Drug Abuse – The Most Common Drugs

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Posted: Jan 19, 2011 |

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Drug abuse is so rampant that more than 400,000 people were arrested in Colorado in 2005 due to possessing or using drugs. Because of the wide spread of drug problems in the society, measures are taken each day to ensure that individuals are free from it. For example, some employers had included passing a drug testing as one of the requirements for the job.

Most drug testing sessions are conducted to ensure that job applicants, teens, etc. do not have some of the common drugs in their system. Even the slightest traces of it can indicate that the examinee is one of the many involved in drug abuse. Some of the drugs that have plagued the community in Colorado these days include:


Some of the common drug testing sessions are conducted to ensure that individuals are free from it. Marijuana is one of the common drugs around; however, because a pound is priced at $100 minimum, most of those who purchase this drug are those who can afford the costs of this drug abuse.


According to the National Drug Intelligence Center’s report, Methamphetamine is one of the primary drug threats in Colorado since Mexican DTOs can easily slip into the state and distribute this drug. Plus, since a gram is priced at $80 at the very least, methamphetamine drug abuse is much cheaper in comparison with other types.


Addiction to cocaine isn’t as popular as the first two, but the substance is frequently used by addicts in Colorado. Cocaine’s use in Colorado has been increasing widely that reports show that its use increased from 1.6% to 2.5% in just one year. Yet, that was because prices of cocaine fluctuate at times.


Heroin is a major threat in Colorado since it is sold in the state’s metropolitan and suburban areas. It is quite popular with younger users who are new to drug abuse since they believe that smoking the drug won’t affect them as much as snorting or smoking it.

All of these drugs are tested for during employment and other types of drug testing. Hopefully the day will come when Colorado’s citizens will no longer suffer from the dangers of drug abuse.

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For more details on Drug Testing Center and Background Check Agency, please visit: http://www.drugtestingcolorado.net Or Call Us at: 1-720-255-2229
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