Fosamax Warnings: An Overview

by admin on July 23, 2010


As with all prescribed drugs one should always review the side effects and warning signs. However after 2 decades of use of the drug Fosamax many are finding that there are several newly arising concerns. Fosamax has been prescribed to millions of patients for the treatments of Osteoporosis, multiple myloma, and Primary hyperthyroidism. The truth is Fosamax has recently been linked to several concerning conditions including femur fractures, bone and joint pain, and atrial fibrillation.


Though there are over 2 million patients with atrial fibrillation, several have been linked to use of Fosamax. The growing concern caught the eye of the Food and Drug Administration prompting them to give out a physician alert in January on the drugs effects. Researchers are finding a link to a very unusual type of break low-energy femur fracture caused by falls from low heights indicating the patients had a low bone mass. The drug Fosamax is supposed to increase bone mass and prevent the digestion of bone. However researcher are finding that Fosamax is showing evidence of reducing bone mass after 5 years of taking the drug.


The Merck Company which manufactured Fosamax has refused several times to place the proper warnings on the labeling for the drug. According to the Food & Drug Administration the makers of Fosamax were warned on more than three occasions. In 2004 the drug manufacturer placed the new label on the drug and despite the warnings Fosamax makers have given the revenue increased to over 3 billion dollars, with physicians prescribing over 22 million prescriptions in one year. The Manufacturer Merck’s claimed to have done their own clinical research on the drug and found no correlation with bone loss, increased femur fractures, or ONJ [ Osteonecrosis of the jaw.]. As a result they placed the warning on their website but made no acknowledgment to the link between Bisphosphonate & ONJ.


Aside from the Fosamax warnings there are several side effects you should know about. Below are the most common.


Bone/Muscle Pain




Flu-Like Symptoms




Mild Stomach pain

Feeling Bloated


Fosamax is most commonly linked to causing ONJ and Femur Fractures it can also cause atrial fibrillation. Which it to is a bad condition increasing the possibility of stroke and heart attack in those whom already have risk factors for heart disease & stroke. Those who have contracted ONJ have several things to look out for including, severe chest pain, and shortness of breathe.


While there are several side effects the most common ones are those pertaining to gastrointestinal issues like, gas, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation. In 2006 several hundred distraught patients sought out legal services for their pain and suffering of the drug Fosamax. Their attempts are to collect on damages and to get Merck the drug company to take Fosamax off the market.


With their astonishing profit margin on the drug Fosamax and with the increased approval to expand it to the male population as well Merck is probably far from taking it off the market. However with the trust of the patients and their attorneys we hope that they will come around.

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