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by admin on September 4, 2010

What do we do about all this health and safety silllyness, is it for more money or just law abiding citizenship?Health and safety and IOSH go hand in hand IOSH have worked tirelelssy to improve the level of professionalism and the overall public image of the health and safety industry this has not been easy and would be very difficult to prove.

Where do Is tart? I’ll do my best to do this. But please give me some honest feedback.

Health and safety is somewhat of an enigmae I guess, it seems full of paperwork and hurdles and seems to go way over what is deemed as the commnon sense threshold!! Having worked in Health and safety for over 10 years I’ve seen some weird and wonderful things, but first I want to take a look at what I feel are the deep rooted problems with the industry and what health and safety is somewhat of an embarrassment to those that carry out the job on a daily basis.

Consultanst- I myself am a consultant, expensive porr service you may automatically think, and for most you’d be correct. Its difficult to see where it all started to go wrong I’m yet to discover where it started. But terms such as “elf and safety” in the media certianly dont help in adding any credibility to the profession. I might add that health and safety is now a chartered institute and thus hopefully works to improve the overall perception of the ehalth and safety industry!

Health and safety in construction is certainly a worthwhile profession especially considering the number of serious and fatal injuries within the industry every year. the rate doesnt seem to be coming down for some reason. Whether this is due to the reporting procedures being improved I’m not sure but for one thing one death is certainly too many on a construction site. Its amazing how many silly things I see when walking through sites and common sense is certainly lacking among a number of indivuduals. Why do people take risks? More money, time constraints and general work pressures, but really is it worth it?

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CB Health and safety consultant, has been in the Health and safety industry for over 10 years. is currently a Health and safety consultant.
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