Hiring a great Social Security Disability attorney is very important when denied benefits from the Social Security Administration

by admin on October 27, 2010

There are many Americans throughout the nation who suffer from various ailments that directly affect their day to day work functions.  Some of these disabilities may have been evident since birth, while with others it can happen through an illness or accident.  Social Security Disability insurance is available for citizens who cannot function well enough to perform their jobs in a required manner or function; the Social Security Administration sets specific parameters that must be met before a man or woman is able to qualify for Social Security benefits.  To apply, one must gather their medical history and evaluations, work history and personal/educational history.  The SSA will then gather and review all the facts and make a determination of whether or not someone will gain the rights to Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability help.

                If accepted for SSD/SSI benefits, the courts will order the Social Security Administration to give the equivalent back pay lost for the applicant from their inability to work.  Answering social security questions in an effective and honest manner are very important; clarifying various ailments and medical issues throughout one’s past will help them see exactly how and why they were unable to work.  However, some medical issues are more difficult to determine than others: if a SSD applicant has been suffering from internal pain or mental issues that cannot be measured by certain medical standards, social security benefits may be denied to them.  One may then file an application again to have the Social Security Administration consider their case once more, but more often than not, they will be rejected once again.  The best opportunity to winning a Social Security Disability case is to hire a Social Security lawyer, who will review the information with the applicant and then request a hearing with a SSD judge.

                Hiring a great social security attorney is critical to being able to achieve SSD benefits when the case is reviewed.  The client would need to continue going to their particular doctor in order to have a viewable past medical history, as well as obtain their previous medical records in the past.  An attorney familiar with the social security laws will then review the case with the client, gain a hearing with the judge, and review the findings to the fullest extent possible.  With a good attorney, the success rate for achieving SSD benefits lies in about the 40%-60% range, which is phenomenal considering how many people get rejected on a daily basis.  If one is denied social security benefits to them that they desperately need, hiring a social security lawyer is the greatest route to take.

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