How to Write a Cover Letter for Your Grant Proposal

by on June 20, 2013

Qualities of a Good Employment Cover Letter
Your cover letter should be: brief get to the point quickly should not only replicate the data that’s in the pitch should tell the audience how well you comprehend the funder and how your grant satisfies the funder’s needs
Beverly A. Browning, writer of Grant Writing for Dummies, implies that you create the resume cover letter when you are in a reflective mood, and after you have completed the entire proposition. Browning says:
“As you consider your great success (the accomplished funding demand), allow the inventive, right side of your mind start working and join your feelings of success towards the person who may help make your plans come true.”
Formatting Your Cover Letter
Follow these basics and you can not move wrong: Use your organization’s letterhead. Set exactly the same date on the resume cover letter that is on the finished grant request. That is the date the application is likely to be delivered to the grantor. This can make all the files in your proposal deal consistent.
For the inside address (moves at top-of letter) utilize the basis or corporate contact person’s name and subject, followed closely by the funding source’s name, address, metropolis, state, and zip code. Check these details with a call or a contact. Such information changes often, so be sure to have the current name and address.
Inside your salutation, use “Dear” plus the title (Mr., Ms., Mrs.,Dr., Messrs., an such like), followed closely by the last name. It is essential the notice be to a man or woman. Call the building blocks or corporate office to be sure you’ve the right person and the right private subject. These things may seem like minutiae, but success can switch on awareness of such details.
Your first sentence must be short and focused. Expose your business (its legal name) and tell the funder how much cash you are seeking and why. Include a sentence o-r two about what your organization does, and then include one research-based place that shows there’s a dependence on what your organization does.
Write one or two more lines which can be very brief and concise. State your organization’s goal and how it meets using the funder’s objective or funding priorities. Contain the fact that your board of administrators is in full support of the task.
End your letter with a final, summarizing sentence. Include a thought about what this financing collaboration can mean for the project’s audience.
Utilize a closing such as for example “Sincerely.” The letter must be authorized by the executive director or the board president, or both. Below the signature, kind the signer’s fist name, middle original, last name, and job title. Although the ED or board president should sign the notice, the contact person’s name and contact information may be included at the end of the last part.
At the end of the letter, are the word, “ENCLOSURE” (in every caps). The Length Of Time If the Cover Letter Be?
Most experts suggest that your resume cover letter be restricted to one-page with three or four sentences optimum. Considering that the audience comes with an whole proposal to plow through, you do not desire to make her or him eager insurance firms to read a lengthy cover letter.

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