I need Help'' someone or some to destroy my image in the Public Trust'' without my knowledge and I?

by admin on July 12, 2010

suspect that either my "Aunt" the Hatred Sister of my Mom’ or those people that i save their as**s for being fired in the job for Stealing Food Supply of a Homecare Facillity in Topanga’ i’ve been quiet for so long and i felt i was being judge for what they dont see my spirit the goodness & sacrifices i’ve made even it would be my lost now I am no Lucky in Employment since 4 years a lot of times i taste bitterness and Defeat but i kept my Silence I’ said i will no Tears i will hide and show Happiness’ People of YA” Have been almost Died to Something it’s an accident and instead of helping you they beat you up and try to Burn you & your Car Alive’ in your next door neighbor and Call a Cop’s and Get you Arrested?” all this is an Unforgiving to Some One! but for me on that time I was active in Church’ I remember what Christ Said” Love Your Brother’ will all your might’ and Love Your Enemy’ even though i was being oppressed i made a Holy Decision” I said Thank you oh Lord for retaining my Life to me’ i would not be just unless i can be ”just” even if they almost done me” in order to follow you i must forget all i have’ i guess i will forget this, and turn it to History’ so i forgive & Love my Enemy’ to follow a commandment’ but negative impact from my church members and criticize me they say they would do the same thing to them if that Happens to them’ but i kept my silence and Pray and in evryday Life i try my Best my very Best because i have a Motto’ That a Man was Not born Perfect’ but by Doing Good Deeds is a Rightful things and a Rightful is a Righteousness Going to Pecfection. i may not be Perfect but I/ We can be” by doing righteous works and that is Holy. the Reason is How Can a Man/Woman Possibly know that’ if there are someone hate Him/Hem even if they are doing good but still they are not lovable to the eye of the Beholder and that is not Fair’ even if You are not doing something Bad people Look at You Mean Even if Your Honest they make Story Of you the things that you dont really do’ But if you Found Out who’s Who” will You Fight Back to them or will you Sew them and get them Fired too’ especially if the Lady ask You to Get a 2 Gallons of Milk and Meat and placed it to her Trunk and You Refuse because it’s against Conduct & Facility Regulations’ then She Get’s mad and done something to get rid of you and make a bad report that affects your Background etc. what do you think YA! Will you Do Something to Your Aunt & Her Friends she was Protecting them because they are all Doing that kind of Wicked Habit in a Workplace Collaboration all Bull’s crapp” i’ts now Hard for me because no sustainable income to get a Public records check to know who’s against me so at least I Can Sew Them for the Hardship and Sufferings and Justice What Do You think YA?” any Religion & Spirituality or Society & Culture

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Fireball July 12, 2010 at 11:15 am

you need the family section an dparagraphs….talk to your mom…TOO LONG THIS ISRH

LAST CRUSADER July 12, 2010 at 11:15 am


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