I was involved in an accident (my fault). I provided proof of insurance at the scene. I was cited with Carel?

by admin on July 16, 2010

I was involved in an accident (my fault). I provided proof of insurance at the scene. I was cited with Careless Driving. The next day, when the other Driver’s Insurance contacted my insurance agency, they were told that we weren’t covered. The other driver called me and I explained that I had already spoken to the insurance company and provided proof that I was covered. Within a couple of weeks, the insurance paid out. In the meantime, the other driver’s wife posted many public comments spanning 2 weeks on "Facebook" about "the jerk" that hit her husband was a liar and should be shot. Many of her friends are people that I work with and/or friends of mine. She did not mention my name on Facebook, but made it clear in conversations with our colleagues that I was the party to which she was referring. She works in the legal system and pressured the police department to issue a citation to me for "No Proof of Insurance" (against the wishes of the police officer that was present on the scene who informed me that she had called his captain). I was issued a citation that was dismissed upon providing proof to the court that I provided insurance and that my insurance covered the accident. She also told many coworkers that we have in common (she works for state juvenile probation housed at a county facility, I work for County IT) that I was driving uninsured and lied to the police. I got this information from an employee who spoke directly to the other driver’s wife. Should I or could I sue for slander or libel under these circumstances. I have no measurable financial damage yet but I feel this may affect any future bids for promotions at my workplace.

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Entidtil July 16, 2010 at 5:16 am

While your story is interesting, your question should be posted on the "law" section of Y/A or you should consult with a lawyer

Ralph T July 16, 2010 at 5:16 am

You can demand that she publicly apologize for her comments about you or you will sue her for slander and libel.
Libel is for posting false statements in writing (letters,newspaper,blogs,e-mails).
Slander for making false statements verbally.
An employer cannot use her statements as a reason to deny you pay raises or promotions,to do so is illegal and subjects them to legal actions.
If she is your superior and she starts giving you bad marks that deny you raises or promotions,you can sue your employer and her personally.

Motorhead July 16, 2010 at 5:16 am

Yes, you should probably sue.
The damages are incalculable, as Shakespeare said, there is nothing more valuable than your good name.
Deliberately and falsely attacking your reputation is exactly what libel and slander laws were intended for.
The fact the government got involved and issued a citation is criminal abuse of authority.
The "should be shot" also was criminal.

However, once you have started the suit, it would be best to settle out of court, for lawyer costs and a public apology.
If you go for the big bucks, then you will have only added to the damage to your reputation.
Make sure your lawyer understands your intent from the beginning.
As a side, you could also sue someone at one of the 2 insurance companies, who screwed up and got the whole misinformation going in the first place.
To avoid that, they may be willing to give you free legal assistance in order to get your good name back.
You deserve it.
Without it, one is without a community, and there is no greater harm that can be done to a person.

Trung July 16, 2010 at 5:16 am

Trust me…this has nothing to do with you. I meet people like these everyday. The real reason why she did this is she hate her life and she was looking for an excuse to go off on somebody. That somebody happen to be YOU. People like these are a ticking time bomb…just be lucky you are not her husband, then you have to live with her 24/7….DEAR GOD!!!

Look, even though the accident was your fault, the insurance covered everything. Nobody was hurt and life continue. Because of time like these is why we buy car insurance in the first place. Damage will be fixed and bygone be bygone.

Sueing people for slander and libel is a lot for difficult than you think. And not to mention, more money to the lawyers and courts. In the end, any legal mean is useless, only wasting more time and money. It is just one of those thing where you are better off leaving it be and moving on.

ken k July 16, 2010 at 5:16 am

talk to other driver/ask him to get his wife under control/get list of statements she has made and recite them to him and ask what you should do/just say what do you think i should do about this/plays with their mind

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