Implications of consuming alcohol while driving

by admin on February 27, 2011

Implications of consuming alcohol while driving

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Home Page > Law > Health and Safety > Implications of consuming alcohol while driving

Implications of consuming alcohol while driving

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Posted: Feb 26, 2011 |Comments: 0

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Nowadays, road safety can be a great cause of concern. This is not only true for those who are driving on the road but also the common pedestrian walking on the road or even those who are sitting in the car with you. One of the major causes of accidents on the roads is drunk-driving.

Unfortunately, many people, even after drinking, do not realize how drunk they are and conveniently start driving back home. In addition as the level of alcohol increases in your body, it means that your senses have started to weaken and the task of driving becomes even tougher. You began to have slower eye movements; your visual perception becomes impaired. Moreover your brain has trouble processing information and as a result the time taken by it to react delays. Here are some common sense tips to help you ensure safety on the road and create awareness about the implications of consuming alcohol while driving.

Try to avoid the use of alcohol in your daily life or keep it to as minimal as possible. This not only helps you out on the road but is in fact good for your health as well.
In case you plan to go to a party or an outing where alcohol would be served, make sure you already have arrangements for someone else to pick you up.
Many a times, we find ourselves in a situation where we haven’t planned on drinking but end up doing it anyways. In such instances ask a friend who is sober to drive you home. If no other alternative is left then you can always take a cab.
If you are with a friend or a colleague who you think has consumed too much of alcohol, try convincing him to allow you to drive his car instead.
If someone you know has been involved in a drunk-driving incident. Try to increase awareness amongst other about his or her story in order to inspire others and help them learn from his mistakes


The implications of drunk-driving are enormous. Once you are suspected to be intoxicated while driving, you are asked to take a test; usually a blood or a breath test. If the test comes out to be positive, you may get convicted at a court and asked to pay a fine. In many instances your driving license may also get revoked.


Thus instead of going through all that trouble it is common sense to take the precautions indicated above and stay away from any such mishaps or accidents which may put your life and the ones you love in danger.

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