Key Factors Affecting a Medical Negligence Case

by admin on January 15, 2011

Key Factors Affecting a Medical Negligence Case

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Home Page > Law > Health and Safety > Key Factors Affecting a Medical Negligence Case

Key Factors Affecting a Medical Negligence Case

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Posted: Jan 14, 2011 |

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If you think that your doctor was negligent in your treatment, and you can go ahead and sue him/her to get a huge compensation, you are mistaken. There may be errors on the part of a medical practitioner pertaining to your treatment. However, not every medical error is an adequate ground for filing a claim.


Assessment of various aspects is imperative in this regard. Do you have a case? Only a medical negligence attorney practicing in Boca Raton can provide the right answer to this question. This requires knowledge of the Florida laws as well as the experience in this specific field to get the assessment done from experts.


Liability or legal responsibility for the negligence is an important issue. The key factor in this regard is what the expected standard of care was and whether it was followed or not. One consideration is the geographical area, as it affects the extent of treatments available – a village doctor would not have access to the facilities at a city nursing home.


Negligence can be of different kinds. Whether your doctor failed to diagnose correctly or the nursing home did not conduct the right tests, it can qualify as negligence. The question is whether the negligence on the part of the doctor, or nurse, or nursing home facility, lead to any damage or deterioration in the patient.


Establishing liability and negligence would not suffice if your attorney were incapable of establishing that these led to damages. You would not be able to attain damage recovery if there were no damages. Accumulation of evidence to prove that you suffered injuries because of the negligence is necessary for this.


Understanding how the injuries affects your life is important, to calculate the amount you ask for damage recovery. The specific circumstances of your case affect this. The loss of a limb would mean more to an athlete than it would to a teacher. Therefore, each case needs a separate evaluation of damages.


You can sue a doctor, an associate professional or a medical facility on this ground. However, make sure to consult a Boca Raton medical negligence attorney. Do not delay in this. Florida has a statute of limitations that gives you two years from the date of the discovery to file a liability claim.


Find a capable attorney, ask for an appointment and discuss the details of the case to understand whether you can file a claim and get adequate damage recovery.


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About the Author:
Orlando Matsota, editor of a legal journal, offers practical tips for handling legal issues concerning medical negligence laws. If you are looking for a Boca Raton Medical Negligence Attorney, he suggests you to have a look at the details available from
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