Laws Surrounding Online Pharmacy Business in Canada

by admin on January 28, 2011

Laws Surrounding Online Pharmacy Business in Canada

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Home Page > Law > Health and Safety > Laws Surrounding Online Pharmacy Business in Canada

Laws Surrounding Online Pharmacy Business in Canada

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Posted: Jan 27, 2011 |Comments: 0

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American drugs are usually more expensive than those offered over the border in Canada, and these Canadian drugs are even cheaper when you purchase from Canada pharmacies online such as because they aren’t subject to the same Government enquiry as drugs in the USA. In America the drug development process meticulous and expensive, and of course the cost is always shifted onto the customer. But in Canada the regulation although almost exactly the same as in America is more focused on the research and development of the drugs. Not only that, drug producers in Canada can simply use the research and development from over the border in the US.


Canadian Drug Regulations Relating to Online Canada Pharmacies

The laws surrounding pharmaceuticals in Canada are very similar to those in America. Canada does have an association responsible for regulating the drug supply and distribution in the country which is equivalent to the FDA in America called the Therapeutic Products Division of Canada (TPDC), and all drugs sold in Canada through online Canadian pharmacies and physical pharmacies must be approved by the agency. Another similarity to the regulation in the USA is that all pharmacies in Canada have to meet country’s standards storing medications, and they must obtain licenses from their own provincial pharmacy board (provinces are similar to states in America), as well as be run by a pharmacist who has a license to dispense medication.


So Why Are Drugs From Canadian Pharmacies Online Cheap?


The majority of the latest drugs available in Canada are actually researched and developed in America. For this reason, drug companies in Canada don’t have to pay the same for research and development, because it has already been done by someone else. As soon as an American drug has been manufactured and passed FDA scrutiny in America, nothing can stop pharmaceutical firms in other countries from making the new drug.


What Other Reasons Make Canadian Drugs Cheap?

There is currently now law in Canada that prevents Canadian pharmaceutical companies from exporting their drugs to other countries. In America it’s not actually legal to import drugs that are not approved by the FDA, but US citizens who buy medicines from over the border for their own personal are not stopped or prosecuted. Also, many of the Canada pharmacies online sell drugs which are FDA approved.


The Food and Drug Administration realise that it is impossible for them to effectively screen the drugs coming into America from international countries. The association even gives advice to US officials to use their discretion to allow the import of international drugs from Canada and other countries by Americans. When buying drugs from Canada pharmacy online through mail order, the drugs are permitted they are for the use of the buyer only and is no more than 6 weeks supply of the drug.  Of course, it also cannot contain illegal chemicals or drugs.


So all in all, it’s a fantastic way to get your prescription and over the counter drugs for a fraction of the cost in the US, so long as you stick to the rules about how much you import and that you only import it for yourself (i.e. you don’t buy drugs to distribute or re-sell).

About the Author:
My name is Jessica Moore; I am an author with an interest in health and wellness. I feel strongly that everyone should have access to affordable medicine, and I want all Americans to know that drugs from Canada are much cheaper than in the US. I recommend that you check out Big Mountain Drugs as a reliable Canadian online pharmacy from which you can buy generic medications
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