Lawyers for Asbestos Cases

by admin on December 13, 2010

Lawyers for Asbestos Cases

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Lawyers for Asbestos Cases

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Posted: Dec 12, 2010 |Comments: 0


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The first thing a lawyer will do for you in an asbestos case is explain why it is used, and where it comes from. What asbestos normally is are fibers that are naturally occurring silicate. They are very durable when woven into materials, which is why they were used, despite the danger that is associated with asbestos. Insulation had a high asbestos count prior to 1976, and many people would inhale it into their lungs, which is very dangerous and damaging. Many materials meant to be fireproof, like industrial ceiling tiles, would contain asbestos because of its natural fireproof nature. HVAC systems often times use materials that contain asbestos.

What people should look out for is that asbestos is still around in buildings built a long time ago. Even though asbestos isn’t used anymore, if you have to work in an old building and you were not made aware that it could have asbestos in the air, this is where an asbestos case could have merit. What asbestos can cause is lung disease, or increase the chance of getting lung cancer in smokers by five times. Asbestos damages many parts of the respiratory system because it is made up of small, sharp fibers that you cannot see. Another thing to be aware of is symptoms may not arise from being exposed to asbestos for up to thirty years later, so it is always important to talk to your doctor to figure out the cause of you getting ill.

One of the reasons why asbestos is so dangerous is because none of the diseases and problems is causes are curable. They are all treatable, and the effects can be slowed down, but lung disease does not have a cure. The effects of asbestos are very damaging, and should not be overlooked. You can seek compensation for asbestos exposure from any point in your life, as long as your doctor can prove that is what caused your sickness, and it can be proved that you received the asbestos in a certain place.

Most asbestos claims are from people that were exposed to it while they were working. The product was widely used for many years because it worked so well fireproofing things for industrial buildings, and it worked very well for insulating buildings. If you believe you have gotten things like Mesothelioma from being exposed to asbestos at one time in your life, you should feel free to contact your attorney to figure out if you have a solid case or not. 

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