More warning signs needed at Welsh port

by admin on September 25, 2010

A councillor is calling for more health and safety signage to be installed at a sandbank after fears a potential catastrophe is on the horizon.

According to the Llanelli Star, Les George is concerned that families are visiting the sandbank, at Burry Port, in Carmarthenshire, completely unaware of the possible danger of the tide coming in unexpectedly. Mr George said several rescues had already been made.

Speaking at a town council meeting, the councillor said: “These people do not realise the danger they are in and how quickly the tide surrounds the sandbank.

“The problems occur when the water comes in and they try to get back to safety on land.

“We need better signage up to warn people of the dangers. Something needs to be done before it’s too late.”

Mr George’s comments were backed up by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), who said although some signs were present at the site, more were “definitely” needed.

A spokesperson for Carmarthenshire Council said it had worked with the RNLI on the wording of the signs, but welcomed any more suggestions.

Earlier this month warning signs were called for after a spate of youngsters wave dodging in Whitby.

Whilst installing proper warning signs is a good measure to improve safety and reduce the risk of accidents, in itself this is not enough. Bodies responsible for public safety and public spaces must ensure that all reasonable measures are taken to actually reduce the risk.

For example if a large hole appeared in the road the best solution is always to remove the risk, and to fill it in, if this was for some reason not possible, the area should be fenced to prevent access. If again this is not possible, safety signage alone could be employed as a last resort.

Since its so easy and cost effective to install warning signs – this is often done in addition to other measures.

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