Pain on the Knee and Its Causes

by admin on June 4, 2011

Pain on the Knee and Its Causes

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Home Page > Law > Health and Safety > Pain on the Knee and Its Causes

Pain on the Knee and Its Causes

Posted: Jun 02, 2011 |Comments: 0

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Knee joints are designed in a complex way. Knee joints consist of kneecaps (patella), ligaments, layers of compartments, meniscus, bursae, tendons, among others.The knees are easily injured because it is a weight-bearing joint that is constantly stressed. Knee joints are easily afflicted with grave inflammatory condition (i.e Rheumatic Disease) causing pain, swelling, stiffness, and constrained movements of the joints. Factors causing knee pain are injury, deterioration, inflammatory diseases, unusual knee infection affliction, and specific kind of bone tumors.

Ligament injury affecting the knee joints can lead to pain (even when at rest), swelling and localized heat on the affected joint. A type of ligament injury wherein the location of the pain is found on the affected ligament only is called collateral ligament injury. On the other hand, pain located deep within the knee joint framework accompanied by a “popping sensation” when the initial trauma happened are some of the defining characteristics of cruciate ligament injury.

A tear in the meniscus commonly observed in athletes performing extremely fast and agile reaction movements results to knee injury, hence, painful knees are experienced. When the meniscus tears, a popping sensation is observed and pain and swelling of the knee occurs. Tearing of the meniscus easily affects feeble and wearing cartilages affected by aging. That is why old people are more prone to have knee joint pain secondary to meniscus tears.

Pain is felt when there is inflammation of the affected part, a common occurrence in the disease condition called tendinitis. Diagnosing the type of tendinitis of the patient involves the location of the pain.

Pain found in the patellar tendon (which is located in the front of the knee) is due to patellar tendinitis also known as “jumper’s knee”. Inflammation of the popliteal tendon is located at the back of the knee where the affected part, the popliteal tendon, is located. Motor vehicular accidents and other severe casualty causing great stress to the knee joint can lead to fracture, a painful break of the bones.

Knee pain treatment involves ice packs, immobilization, elevation, constraining any movement of the affected part using splints and casts to promote healing and pain medication. Surgical procedure such as suturing, grafting, reparation using synthetic grafts and even total knee replacement may be necessary in cases where the damage to the knee joint is severe and can not be mended using the conventional treatments.

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