Pensioner ordered to take picture down, due to health and safety risk

by admin on October 13, 2010

Royalty lover Jean Thomas proudly hung a picture of the royals on the stairs landing of her sheltered accommodation on Swansea.

Safety officials though have ordered her to remove the 2ft by 8 inches picture from the wall in case in fell down on a fireman in an emergency.

Mrs Thomas said “it’s just silly isn’t it? The warden took them down saying it was the rules and regulations”.

Apparently the health and safety officers had stated that the picture could possibly cause an obstruction or fall off if there was a fire. “The Prince doesn’t like all this health and safety nonsense, he would probably be on our side”.

Jean put up a picture of Prince Charles’ investiture ceremony where he was made Prince of Wales. The picture has a massive significance for Jean as she was there singing in the choir. She said “I put the picture up to help me feel like I wasn’t in jail, but then the warden removed it without my permission”.

Other people living in the home have fallen foul to the eccentric health and safety rulings. Pot plants have been removed, as well as a rug and four other pictures including a famous black and white portrait of Diana.

A spokesperson from the Swansea council said “it is nothing personal against the royal family, we have been working closely with the fire department and we are trying to ensure that homes and communal areas are free from clutter and hazards in the event of a fire”.

“We realise that some people may have personalised these areas to make them feel more homely and we apologise for any inconvenience caused”.




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