Secure Your Life With Identity Theft Reporting

by admin on June 10, 2010

Identity theft reporting requires one to contact the fraud department to make a fraud alert. The alert is placed on your personal data therefore the moment they notice a stolen identity you will be informed immediately.

It is recommended that the moment your recognize theft that you should make a report to the nearest local police or sheriff department. Avoid wasting time, if 24 hours pass and you have not made a report the thief gets more chances to cause further damage to your credit. Once you report the crime ensure that you request for a police report. It is important that you statement is accurate and honest because this will help the authorities with the investigation.

Cooperate with your credit banks and make sure you alert them about the crime. Ascertain that all the banks and utility companies freeze all your accounts. These companies will also request for the police report therefore make sure that you have it in hand. Certain banks provide you with new credit cards and a new passbook, others will also offer you new account numbers. Before your identity theft reporting, if you realize that some amount of money was withdrawn from your account alert the bank immediately. Tracing the thief becomes easier.

Payments to existing accounts should be halted. Alert the check verification company so that they can stop any other person trying to make a withdrawal from your account. You should also make a report to the SSS office and secure yourself another Social Security card.

Identity theft can cause you a lot of frustration and stress. It is always best to take precautionary measures to avoid it from happening to you because the moment you become a victim you realize that you are at the verge of losing just about everything you have got this including your property and great damage to your reputation. There is a lot of information regarding identity theft in books and online, you can use this information to prevent from being a victim of theft.

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