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by admin on October 4, 2010

As the economy suffers, more and more people are concerned about their safety.  People still need help protecting themselves, their loved ones and their property.  1 in 6 women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetimes.  College age women are 4 times more likely to be assaulted. 

Every 2 minutes someone in the US is sexually assaulted.
One property crime happens every 3 seconds.
One burglary occurs every 10 seconds.
One violent crime occurs every 20 seconds.
One aggravated assault occurs every 35 seconds.
One robbery occurs every 60 seconds, or 1 minute.  

Our objective at American Protection Technologies is to provide people the power to be in control when placed in a precarious situation. The fact is, most of us are not prepared for these situations.  We tend to become anxious, uneasy, worried, fearful and hesitant to perform our daily routine. Which in turn can easily alter our lives if we are not prepared. Our products provide you with the comfort and self-confidence you will need in order to defend and protect yourself and your family in life threatening situations. At the end of the day our products allow you to feel secure. 

Here are some situations to think about:


Shopping centers; very large parking lots in the day or night

Walking in the park or in rural areas

Playing or walking children in the park

Walking to your car after work

Ex-wives & ex-husbands

Co-workers who might want more than a walk to the car

Disgruntled Co-workers

People in Sales – always meeting with strangers

Real Estate Agencies – always meeting with strangers in strange places

Internet Dating

Date Rape

Blind Dates

Night Clubs

We carry 7 different types of family life kits; Apartment, College, Home, Office, Vehicle, and Women.  All kits include self defense products, instruction manual, and DVD.

About the Author:
American Protection Technology is a company that cares about people and there safety. We have sold self defense products for one year now on our website, e-Bay and as walk-in sales.  We enjoy hearing the stories from all of our customers on how are products have giving them the sense of security in there homes, at there business, and out in public.  We look forward to having many more years of success helping people be safe!!
Visit our website to find a large variety on self defense products such as family life kits, pepper spray, stun guns, tasers, child safety, home security, etc. See our website for details on how you can save money and get high quality products at great Price. FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50.  Please join our membership club to receive special offers each month.
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