Speed Tickets Are A Curse!

by admin on January 9, 2011

Speed Tickets Are A Curse!

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Home Page > Law > Health and Safety > Speed Tickets Are A Curse!

Speed Tickets Are A Curse!

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Posted: Jan 09, 2011 |Comments: 0

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Driving at an unsafe speed is pointless, only saves you a few minutes of time, and can endanger the lives of other drivers.The most obvious way to prevent being pulled over is not to speed. If you follow the speed limit exactly, then you’ll never get a ticket! Simple! If you’re caught speeding, you did something wrong and you must pay. It’s very black and white. But we in the real world know that there a just too many shades of grey for this to be fair.
Let’s be realistic. You aren’t reading this article because you intend to never speed again
In your life. Speed limits are often a conservative estimate of the speed that will cause the
Least accidents and injuries, and they have to be. It’s the best way to keep everyone safe,
Especially during hours where the streets are busy and cars can enter from any direction.

You may think this question to have a very obvious answer: speeding is driving faster than
The speed limit, right? Not necessarily!

Is the speed limit always the best indicator of what speeds are safe? Absolutely Not! If you
Drive 45 mph on an empty road where the speed limit is 30 mph, are you driving unsafely?
The chances are that you aren’t. So, when you see those red and blue lights come on behind
You, you will end up feeling picked-on and ripped off.
Because you’ve had the idea that speeding is bad hammered into your head year after year, you won’t think twice about writing that check. But maybe you should! Are you aware of how many other people benefit from your cost? Besides paying the cost of the ticket, your insurance company will greatly raise the cost of your coverage. The average speeder gets a rate increase of 25% per year for a single offense! That can be well over $600 per year in some cases! Now, you may be thinking “That’s only fair. People who drive faster get into more accidents.” That’s True.

But what about all of those speeders who aren’t driving unsafely? Does going ten miles
Over that speed limit really make you more of a liability? Probably not. So, even if you aren’t
Increasing their risk, you are filling out their coffers with ludicrous premiums. The point of an
Insurance company is not to ensure the safety of your property or body; it’s to make a profit.
Just last year, a top Insurance Company gave United States police forces over twenty million dollars to upgrade their speed detection equipment and to supply additional radar guns. Why would they do this? Do you really believe a private company would give this kind of money away out of legitimate concern for your safety? Think Again!
Lawyers who are new to the business will often need to take these kinds of cases in order to
Make ends meet. And they will charge you essentially the price of the ticket, claiming that it was worth it because they don’t get points on your license or raise your insurance rates. But was’nt  the point of getting a ticket dismissed to save money?
Most city governments are under-funded and cannot meet all of their citizen’s needs without another way to come up with the funds. Where do you think that ridiculous speeding fine goes after you pay it? True, they’ll still catch the really bad ones, the ones driving unsafely, and the ones that deserve to be caught but they won’t catch enough people like you and me so the city depends mostly on minor speeding offenders for funding, and they set quotas for officers to fill per month.

Since the global economic collapse, the average American is struggling to make ends meet.
Unemployment is near ten percent, and foreclosures are on the rise. It’s never been more
Important to save money in every possible way that we can.
This is the myth of the speeding ticket: if you’re caught speeding, you did something wrong
And you must pay. That’s why this system was designed. My techniques can help people like ourselves break the cycle and avoid paying out of our ears for fines that we don’t deserve.

This book will arm you with peace of mind when you drive.

About the Author:
Capt.RP writes extensively on Money, Health and Home. His articles are well received because of the high quality of research and the products he promotes are are affordable to readers around the world.



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