Tort Law and Its Classifications

by admin on August 9, 2010

Tort law is a streamline of law which covers issues of civil wrongs like defamation, trespassing and the other actions involving law violations. Incase a person has undergone a physical, legal or any economic harm then he can a file a suit under the tort law. If the suit is valid and the defendant of the case loses the case then in such a case the complainant can be compensated with the damages for the loss which he has faced. The majority of the tort cases are handled with the regional, state civil codes and these laws specify the limits on the damages and the limitation of the tort cases. The tort laws are categorized on three broad classes viz: negligent torts, intentional torts and the strict liability torts. Negligent torts are the cases which occur due to negligent behavior and the failure to perform any task with due diligence. An example of the negligent tort can be when a person in the course of playing cricket cracks down the glass of the living room of an apartment. The unethical medical practices and any other forms of professional negligence fall under the category of negligent torts. 

The second categorization of tort law viz intentional tort is the wrong which have an intentional attempt to harm the other person. Examples of the intentional tort are defamation, fraud and false imprisonment.

The strict liability torts are the wrongs specific to the products offered by a company, for example consider the fact if you have purchased a peeler and operated it according to the instructions as give and on operation the peeler has cut down your hand, this is an example of the strict liability tort.

The tort law encompasses issues like misbehavior such as noise pollution, etc. In some places the issues which are considered very important these days that is the industrial pollution and the release of toxins are also covered under the tort laws, these cases are referred to as “toxic torts”. These toxic torts are used to file cases against the companies and the industrial units who are not adhering to the emission of pollution levels. The other kind of tort is the nuisance torts which are quite challenging cases to handle as the word nuisance and its definition varies from person to person. It can be understood from the above definition that the tort law do not necessarily cover the physical damages caused to person but they also cover cases of economic nature for which the opposite party has to pay the compensation based on the damages which had occurred. It also covers issues which have been causing damage to the reputation of the people. To end the article I would just like to say that do not confuse the word tort with torte which means a rich cake made of nuts.

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