Understanding Attorney Retainer Agreements – Reno Family Law Blog – Reno Nevada Divorce Attorney – The Luna Law Firm

by admin on February 18, 2011

Understanding Attorney Retainer Agreements – Reno Family Law Blog – Reno Nevada Divorce Attorney – The Luna Law Firm

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Home Page > Law > Health and Safety > Understanding Attorney Retainer Agreements – Reno Family Law Blog – Reno Nevada Divorce Attorney – The Luna Law Firm

Understanding Attorney Retainer Agreements – Reno Family Law Blog – Reno Nevada Divorce Attorney – The Luna Law Firm

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Posted: Feb 17, 2011 |Comments: 0

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Whether you are hiring an attorney for a divorce, child custody matter or other family law matter in Nevada, you are likely to be asked to provide a retainer prior to the attorney starting work on your case. Retainers are money given to an attorney and held in trust, deposited into a special bank account called a Trust Account. The attorney then bills against your retainer as work is completed in your case. The money held in trust technically belongs to you, the client, until work is billed. Once work is billed, funds are usually transferred from trust to the attorney’s operating account. Thus, if your case ends or you switch attorneys and still have a retainer in trust, that money must be returned to you or transferred to your new attorney.

The retainer you are quoted may not necessarily cover the entire cost of your case. If the retainer is depleted, your attorney may ask you to replenish and pay any balance that is owed. When hiring an attorney, you should always inquire about his or her policies for replenishing retainers and interest charged on outstanding balances. This information should also be clear in the retainer agreement between you and your attorney.

When you hire an attorney, be sure you understand the agreement, the costs associated with the case and the expectations on your retainer. As with any divorce or child custody case, we recommend that you obtain advice from counsel in the jurisdiction where your case is filed about your specific issues. K. Beth Luna, Esq. is licensed in Tennessee, Florida and Nevada. The information provided is based upon Nevada law only. If you are looking for information for another jurisdiction, please contact an attorney in that area.

This post is not meant to be legal advice. If you are interested in retaining counsel, we are happy to set a consultation. The Luna Law Firm provides legal representation in divorce, child custody, visitation, and other family law matters in the Reno, Nevada, Carson City, Nevada and surrounding areas.

About the Author:
Attorney K. Beth Luna started The Luna Law Firm with the intention of creating a Nevada family law practice that focused on the individual client and his/her needs. After years of practicing family law in the Reno, NV area, Ms. Luna quickly realized that family law cases including divorce and child custody are unique and require an approach that is reasonable yet aggressive when necessary to balance out each individual and their family’s best interests.
Consultations may be set by calling 775-686-2490. Please visit our Web site to view our Areas of Practice. View our weekly legal articles for The Luna Law Firm – Reno Family Law Blog.  Visit The Luna Law Firm Website today.
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