What can I do about this harassment in the workplace?

by admin on October 25, 2010

For over a year I put up with repeated verbal abuse from two twin brothers I worked with. One of them also sexually harassed me by touching my butt repeatedly. When I called him out on it and told him to stop, he turned around with a grin on his face and said, "It was an accident." I know it wasn’t an accident because he did it repeatedly, but when the manager called him into the office about it, he told her he only did it once by accident and she believed him. She refused to believe my account of what happened.
Eventually, she rearranged the schedule so that I usually didn’t have to work with them, but I did occasionally and they still insulted me, sometimes swearing at me and calling me stupid and lazy in front of the customers.
Yesterday, I had to work with both of them at the same time. They started insulting me and calling me names in front of customers again and I got mad. I picked up a handful of cucumbers and threw them at the one who initiated the trouble. He leaned out the drive thru window and told the customers I threw it at him before he gave them their food.
A few minutes later he came back to the front and began insulting me again and the altercation turned physical. I was so angry after more than 12 months of this that I don’t remember who hit who first. While the two of us were fighting, his twin brother sneaked up behind me, grabbed me, and threw me into the counter and I have bruises on both arms and legs that I’ve taken pictures of. After he shoved me, he walked past me, turned around and said, "All I saw was you fall."
I called the manager and she said it looks in the cameras like I hit the one twin first so she’s not punishing either of them, even though the camera caught the second brother coming up behind me and throwing me into the counter. He told her he only broke up the fight, and she believes him even though the camera, which isn’t clear, shows me flying to the floor when the first brother knocked me down and flying into the counter when the second brother grabbed me from behind after I picked myself up.
The store manager made me leave, but let both of them stay on the clock and work after we all talked to her. Today she had her boss talk to me and he sat there saying everything was my fault. I got angry and walked out of the meeting, telling him his accusations are bulls***. The store manager is friends with the brothers’ mom and everyone in this company is a suck up so no one will do anything about this.

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spidergoat2 October 25, 2010 at 12:07 am

1. Talk to a lawyer about a lawsuit. You can get a lot of money out of this. Most companies pay just to shut you up. It won’t, or shouldn’t, cost you anything for a consultation.

2. Call the police and file assault charges. They may say it’s your fault, but they’ll understand that you are serious. But ask the attorney about that first.

3. Call the corporate HR department.

4. Go to Radio Shack and buy a small recorder and record what is said to you. But check your local laws. In some states that’s illegal.

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