What is A Personal Injury or Medical Malpractice Case Worth? By Attorney Mike George

by admin on January 30, 2011

When a persepective client calls us, they almost always want to know what their case is worth. Without a full investigation, there is no way to estimate what a case is worth. Every case is unique. Every car accident is unique. Every injured person is unique. Birth injuries are some of the worst cases we deal with. It is so sad when a child is injured during birth. If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one due to medical malpractice, the failure to diagnose an illness, a car accident, a construction accident, defective product, truck accident or any other circumstance that could have been avoided, I can help you get the compensation you deserve. I’m Attorney Mike George, and my Pittsburgh law firm is devoted to pursuing fair money damages for the victims of medical malpractice, personal injuries and wrongful death. As the son of an anesthesiologist who frequently participated in peer reviews, I learned early on that doctors are regular human beings who make human mistakes and that their mistakes can have devastating consequences for their patients. After graduating law school in 1985, I went to work at a small general practice law firm and gravitated toward working on medical negligence, personal injury and wrongful death cases because they gave me the opportunity to help regular people with serious problems. Now, as head of my own law firm, I handle every case personally from beginning to end. I do not hand off cases to other attorneys. From the moment we file your

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