What is SSDI?

by admin on January 2, 2011

What is SSDI?

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Home Page > Law > Health and Safety > What is SSDI?

What is SSDI?

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Posted: Dec 30, 2010 |Comments: 0

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SSDI is short for Social Security Disability Insurance. It is a government insurance policy for citizens and eligible non-citizens working in the United States. Each worker and each employer are required to make matching payments that contribute to the fund for workers who become disabled. Those who qualify receive benefits in the form of monthly cash payments. In some cases, family members of qualified SSDI recipients can also receive benefits. In some cases, qualifying for SSDI may help to qualify individuals for other related benefits, including Medicare and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Who Qualifies for SSDI?
To qualify for SSDI, individuals must have a condition or disability that meets the defined guidelines of the Social Security Administration (SSA). This definition includes only total and permanent disabilities that prevent an individual from working. The three rules that guide determination of disability are as follows:
• Previous work can no longer be accomplished.
• The individual cannot adjust to another form of work.
• The disability is expected to last a minimum of one year or result in death.

In addition to meeting the disability requirement, individuals must also meet the previous work requirements and pay-in time. This is based on a system of credits. 40 credits are required, and 20 of those credits must have been earned within the previous 10 years. The amount of money required to earn one credit may change from year-to-year, but in 2010, it was $1,120.

Applications for SSDI can be completed online, by telephone, or in person at an SSA office.

SSDI Approval
SSDI approval is slow. After an application is complete, it may take from 270 to 622 days for approval to go through, depending on the area where the individual resides and applied. Once approved, a lump sum payment is made beginning on the sixth month after the date the disability began. The payments are made the following month in which they are due. This means a person disabled on January 1 would not be due a payment until July and will not receive the payment until August.

The amount received each month is dependent on the disabled individual’s lifetime earnings covered by Social Security. The amounts made each year are averaged, and the monthly payment is a factor of that amount. Someone who made an average of $1,000/month would receive a monthly benefit of $843.

Family Benefits
Some family members of qualified individuals may also receive SSDI benefits, including a spouse, divorced spouse, and children. Family members are limited to 50 percent of an individual’s benefit amount, but the exact amount payable depends on the number of family members receiving benefits.

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Disclaimer: For informational purposes only. This article is not a substitute for professional legal advice.
If you think you’re in trouble with the law regarding SSDI, contact a Sarasota Florida SSDI Attorney today or visit JodatLawGroup.com
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