What should I seriously do about my insane brother?

by admin on July 9, 2010

My brother is 26, other brother is 24 and I am 20 this year. He’s been diagnosed with clinical depression for a couple of years ever since his 2nd year in post-secondary and the summer after one of his childhood friend’s died in a car accident. Since then he’s been extremely mentally ill, taking antidepressants and being overly emotional and highly aggressive. He’s a very difficult person to reach to or try getting close to. There had been times when he would hurt us, namely me because I’m the youngest but most hardest worker (had a job since 16 and I am very productive in life).

My brother never had a job in his life, he can’t really get one because he’s severely ill. His face is full of acne and scars and he hates his life. Even after being off the antidepressants, hes been having withdrawal symptoms and it made him an angry man. After a year or two, he was better, but still overall emotional and distraught. He became obsessed with eating clean food, and he is constantly hungry but that’s because he doesn’t eat meat and we’re from a meat-eating family. He would get seriously angry and scare my parents into giving him everything he wants. Like guitars, new music equipment, facial spa treatments, new family diets (no garlic or whatever seasoning in the food, everything needs to be "Clean" and "good"). I was screaming with my dad in the car ride about my oldest brother and my dad is completely submitted to him!! He’s constantly assuring the fact that my brother is ill. I may be immature for yelling at a problem that is hard to fix, but I would hate to have such a hindrance in my youth when I’m trying to help out the family. Like working for money so my parents dun have to afford me. But most of the time, I just want to run away and come back just to sleep and eat, but it’s not possible all of the time.

My other brother is just as useless. Doesn’t work (never had except in illegal workplaces), hides in his room, draws pictures of little girls, and talks to underage girls as his girl friends. Whenever conflict rises, he would hide and be scared and doesn’t resort anything.

there had been times where I just want my oldest brother gone, get a job, have a gf (he never had one), get his own apartment, live his life and be happy. I think he’s mostly angry because of the life my parents are giving him. He doesn’t know the meaning of hard work!!!

I know there’s nothing much I could really do… but I’m posting this after he assaulted me when I was cleaning his bloody mess, and I screamed at him why he hit me. he doesn’t respond. what a #@$@$#$#@!!! UGH

I am too young to move out, and my parents wouldn’t allow it.. Because I’m a girl and I am still in school. Unless I move close to school but we don’t have enough money to support me.
HE’S ILL. He won’t swallow whatever words you shout at him!! It won’t work. He’ll just get pissed and punch me.

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Precious Gem July 9, 2010 at 5:10 am

Families of seriously ill members suffer as well as the mentally ill person. Your
parents need to assure your safety and if this means placing your brother is an
institution for his own safety then so be it. Next time your brother hits you call the police. Your parents need to deal with this, not you. Is there another family member
you can stay with while your parents deal with this.

awommack July 9, 2010 at 5:10 am

just tell him

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