Who's a mechanical engineering or machinist here?

by admin on March 2, 2011

I am doing an interview for my grade 12 physics class and require someone to interview, preferably an engineer or machinist. If that’s you, I would truly appreciate it if you could spend 5 minutes of your time answering these questions related to your career:

Career/Profession: _________________
Name: __________________

1)What machines or tools do you work with? How do they work?
2)How did you get interested in this career? What inspired you?
3)What types of tasks do you do on a typical day?
4)What did you learn in school that you apply at work every day? Has your education background helped you? How?
5)Who do you depend on to supply the materials/plans? How does their work involve physics?
6)What advanced positions in this career are available to you or you are aiming for?
7)If there were no such area of study as physics, would your job/career exist? Why?
8)Have you been involved in any accidents at your workplace?
9)Why haven’t machines/robots replaced humans in this field, considering humans sometimes misjudge measurements, designs, and even their own actions?

If yoy would like to help me out even more generously, you may send me pictures of your workplace at: faw_zz@hotmail.com

Thank you very much.

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